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My start in journalism was a bit different than most.

I was studying Political Science and Pre-Law at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay and I saw an ad about writing for their student newspaper.

The Argus introduced me to journalism.

After having a love for writing my whole life, I thought trying my hand at journalism would be a good way to try and explore writing as a career. I was quickly taken in as a news and arts contributor, and was given many stories from interviewing politicians to covering concerts and interviewing bands.

The Argus was a very open paper at that time, and we were able to write whatever we wanted. It was a fun experience and a great way to dive in to the world of mass media and journalism.

The Canadian University Press 

I was chosen to attend and represent The Argus as a delegate to the Canadian University Press‘s NASH73 conference in Montreal.

The conference was a fantastic experience in both life and journalism, and I was able to work with the likes of Jason Chiu, Ken Silverstein, Wilf Dinnick, Josee Boileau, Michael Bergman and Tim Groves.

Some Kind of Direction

That week made me realize what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Shortly thereafter, I decided to apply to journalism schools. After doing much research, I chose Humber for the industry connections and reputable program. The Argus offered me a position as Arts and Culture editor and I was faced with a tough decision between the experience or the education.

National Award

In November of 2011 I received some of the most exciting news of my life. I was to receive a national award in student journalism for a piece done on polygamy in British Columbia. The award was given to me by Beyond Borders, an organization dedicated to stopping child sexual abuse and exploitation.


I am currently in second-year at Humber in Print and Broadcast journalism.

I am the City Hall/Queen’s Park reporter for the Humber Et Cetera newspaper and get to cover a wide variety of topics in and around the GTA and Ontario.

We learn to shoot for television, write and broadcast for radio, write for print and online and edit and cut audio and video.

I love every minute of the program and feel like going to school for journalism is waking up every day and living my dream.


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