“Pit bull ban” in Ontario and how it could change post-McGuinty

  1. The tri-party private members bill called Bill 16 was brought forward to repeal Ontario BSL, which came into effect in 2005.
  2. Bill 16 was brought forward by MPP Randy Hillier and co-signed by MPP Cheri DiNovo and MPP Kim Craitor.
  3. In the early 1900s, pit bulls were known as the “nanny dog.”

  4. When people wanted to keep their children safe, the pit bull was their go to. This is because pit bulls were highly regarded as the most faithful and loving of any dog breed, and they had a particular affinity for children. People back then would leave their children with their pit bull and never question safety.
  5. The video below tells the story of a pit bull saving a little boy’s life.

  6. Ironically, this exact trait is what has leant a bad name to the breed. Because pit bulls are so loyal and loving, they are willing to do whatever their owner wants them to do.
  7. This extreme dedication made these dogs easy to manipulate. Pit bulls were soon being used as attack dogs and used for dog fighting.
  8. BSL started to come up around the world after numerous dog fighting busts, including that of Michael Vick.
  9. People nationwide have had their dogs seized and killed solely because of their looks.
  10. The story of a dog named Lennox

  11. In Belfast, England, a dog named Lennox was taken away from his family because he looked like a pit bull. Lennox was an unofficial assistance dog to the family’s 11-year old disabled daughter, Brooke.
  12. Lennox was held captive in substandard conditions for two years, where he waited for his impending sentence. In all that time, his family wasn’t allowed to visit him. Brooke drew Lennox pictures and wrote him letters while he was locked up.
  13. Lennox was a happy family dog before he was taken away.
  14. The photo below shows the cell Lennox was held in for two years; it is cramped, has no windows and is filthy.
  15. Below, Lennox is seen looking very malnourished while being held in captivity.
  16. Lennox was killed in July of 2012. Lennox had never harmed a human or dog and his family says he was extremely well-behaved.
  17. wendyalf4
    Where Is His Collar?By Save Lennox On December 1, 2012 ·
    ….In July 2012 a murder took place in Belfast, a… fb.me/2hOhxV8ra
  18. People across the world fought to try and save Lennox, and mourn for him and his family. A website was started called “Boycott Belfast,” that criticizes the decision of the Belfast Council.
  19. Heather Tan
    Here is something nearly EVERYONE can do: Donate a blanket to your local animal shelter this Christmas. Do it in honor of sweet Lennox.
  20. Alicia Stair
    This Christmas, please donate a blanket to your local shelter in memory of Lennox.
  21. In Ontario, the backlash to BSL has been monumental.

  22. MLB
    New @BlueJays pitcher Mark Buehrle and his family working to bring awareness to Ontario pit bull ban: atmlb.com/V765oj
  23. Hershey’s Bill, or Bill 16, is the bill being fought in parliament.The name comes from the story of one amazing animal named Hershey.From supporthersheysbill.com, “Hershey was used as a breeding dog in a puppy mill, [was] kept locked in a cage 24/7 and was never loved or fed properly. Hershey was rescued by a shelter where she was finally adopted by Jennifer Waite. Hershey then went on to became a Certified St. John’s Ambulance Therapy Dog. In 2005 this “pit bull” type dog was presented with an award from the Toronto Humane Society during Be Kind to Animals Week, due to her outstanding service with the seniors and her restricted breed status in Ontario. Sadly, Hershey was forced to retire and could no longer work as a therapy dog in Ontario.  She was now considered “dangerous” and forced to wear a muzzle when outside. PM Bill 16 honours Hershey a “pit bull”, which when allowed, changed the minds, hearts and lives of those who knew her.”
  24. Dog lovers across North America are fighting BSL in their respective governments. Much of the twitter reactions below come from Ontario.
  25. PtboPitBull
    If you’re a dog-owner in #Ontario you should care about BSL! Any large, short-haired mutt is a “pit bull” in Ont & could be KILLED! #endBSL
  26. ahd41O
    Under BSL, my dog is considered Pit Bull, but he is anything but vicious or dangerous. He is playful and loving. #SayNoToBSL
  27. “@DianneSinger: Ban it. http://pic.twitter.com/gSN7SIq2”. Biggest bull in Ontario. Next to @BarbaraRKay a #dog’s worst enemy. #BSL #endBSL #pitbull
  28. RT @AntiDogFighting: #BSL : A Dog’s Worst Nightmare & Humans Worst Crime Against His Best Friend #EndBSL #DeedNotBreed #APBTs #PitBulls http://pic.twitter.com/Rv1D8Eba
  29. MacBarksBack
    @ctvottawa Don`t say U weren`t warned about #BSL related #suicides if families come forward.#Bullying kills & that ALSO applies 2 dog OWNERS
  30. Paws4Patrick
    BSL case!!! Repost and now with pic—Imagine coming home to find a notice on your door that your family dog is… fb.me/EEjqy45b
  31. labellavitary
    Ppl that support BSL are just about the stupidest people in the World. Weren’t we taught not to judge a book by its cover? #antibsl #ontario
  32. malabar56
    #OnPol #LCHS #BSL kills. What Ontario & the LCHS must learn about cancer victims, therapy dogs & BSL. wp.me/pqxFm-10s via @RosalindBGP
  33. rockapuppy
    Nice To See Many Come Out Even As Far As Montreal On Their Travels! In Support Of BSL Awareness In Ontario! fb.me/1BWKQxSfM
  34. Here’s my opinion

  35. As a dog owner and lover, I can’t imagine someone coming and taking my dog away. I own a Rottweiler/Doberman cross that’s about 140 lbs., and the biggest baby in the world. Jackson, as we call him, hides in storms and if he is ever disciplined, he cries and tries to apologize.
  36. If my sister or I ever sit on our living room floor, Jackson is pushing us over so that he can lay beside us and cuddle. He is the kindest animal I’ve ever met and would do anything for his family.
  37. Rottweilers are known for their smiles; when they’re happy, they lift their lip like a growl but are actually smiling at you. Every time I come home, I’m greeted by a wiggly, black monster with a smile on his face.
  38. Jackson loves kids and other animals.
  39. He is a large, short-haired mutt and would be, by Bill 16, considered a dangerous animal.

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