15-year-old suspect arrested in spate of Bloor-Christie sexual assaults

A string of sexual assaults that changed the tone of a neighbourhood in Toronto has seemingly come to an end.

Toronto Police arrested and charged a 15-year-old male after he attacked a woman on Bloor St. W. and Roxton Rd. on Saturday, Oct. 20. The male is charged with over a dozen counts of sexual assault that began in the summer. He is being held in custody until his court date and has been denied bail.

  1. Christie Pits Arrest~Sex Crimes Unit @TorontoPolice Press Conference

    Mon, Oct 22 2012 07:20:28
  2. The arrest was made after an assault occurred near Bloor St. W. and Roxton Rd. This is the same area as the majority of the other assaults, which took place around Bloor St. W. near Christie St.
  3. The Toronto Police Service had officers ready and waiting. Police chief Bill Blair says the arrest was due to the work of young female officers and told the National Post the officers put themselves, “in harm’s way” to help the community.
  4. People in Toronto are expressing the same feelings as Blair and are grateful for such supportive community policing.
  5. Becca Lemire
    major honours for the female police officers putting themselves in that position! even if i knew a swat team was hiding behind a bush, it would still be a tad terrifying!

    Mon, Oct 22 2012 20:26:38
  6. Residents of the area held a “Taking Back the Block” rally to raise awareness of the assaults and to regain a sense of community in early September.
  7. The suspect, who is facing 14 charges of sexual assault and two charges of criminal assault, allegedly attended the rally with his aunt and uncle, whom he lived with.
  8. After a short break from the assauts that occurred over the summer, a few more happened during the Thanksgiving weekend.
  9. People in Toronto are shocked and relieved at the arrest. Many are expressing mixed feelings over the suspect in custody.
  10. Daniel Tal
    This is good news for my neighbourhood.

    Mon, Oct 22 2012 08:38:48
  11. Linda Ritcey-Horn
    This is insane. He is only 15 and doing this. What is he going to be doing in 10 years? I really hope they charge him as an adult.

    Mon, Oct 22 2012 11:33:51
  12. Rachel Berman
    Very glad he’s off the streets, shocked and apalled that he’s only 15 …

    Mon, Oct 22 2012 09:20:36

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